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In order to migrate a WordPress site from one server/host to another you'll first need to obtain a full backup of the entire WordPress site which consists of FTP files and a mySQL database. You can obtain this either manually, using a 3rd party method, or having InfoQuest migrate it for you under Professional Services. Once you have a full backup of your site, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to your account and on the left menu click Services > My Services > Click Manage > Click "Login to Plesk Control Panel"
  2. Next install WordPress. Once you're logged into Plesk, on the left menu, click Applications > click WordPress > to the right of “install” click the down arrow > click install custom. Here you can specify which domain you want to install the application on and continue to enter your existing WordPress credentials so when you restore from backup the system is already associated with the same login credentials for your existing WordPress site.
  3. Next you’ll need to import the existing database into the new database that has just been created with the new WordPress install. In Plesk, on the left menu, click Websites & Domains > click Databases > under the database in question, click phpmyadmin.
  4. Once you're in phpmyadmin you'll want to remove all of the tables then import your existing database.
  5. Now that you've imported the existing database, continue to migrating your existing files from the previous WordPress install into the new WordPress install via FTP. We recommending only uploading the contents of the wp-content directory. This completes the migration.
  6. To test you'll need a dedicated IP address. If you didn't already purchase one upon setting up your account you can purchase one through your Client Area via Services > My Services > Click the Service in question > on the right, click Upgrade/Downgrade options > check the box, "Monthly Cost $2.95" then Click to continue to complete the order. Once complete, return to Plesk > Websites & Domains and take note of the new IP address and then navigate to Databases > phpmyadmin > Browse the options table and modify the siteURL & homeURL and replace the domain name with the new IP address. 
  7. After completing your testing you'll want to change the database URL's back to the domain name from the IP address before going live.

If you would prefer to have our 2nd level support team perform Professional Services and migrate all of the existing data over for you please either Contact Us, email or call 1-800-622-4403 requesting this service.

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